Fabulous Find- The Flat Shoe

Friday, August 26, 2011

My teenager (can't believe she's a teenager), needs school shoes. I refuse to allow her to wear sneakers everyday. She would if she could! This is a battle I have chosen to fight, and darnit, I am going to win. So my strategy (painfully) every year is to shop for flats that we can agree on. I usually have to go to about 4 or 5 different stores to get a good pair. We have already been to Sears - definitely a no go. I went online to see what Target had - and AH HA - I found a couple pairs that I am going to run by her.

**side note**
- my Mom says, 'You didn't have a choice, since when do kids have a choice?! I brought home your shoes!'

I said, 'Mom first issue- you and Pop-Pop have been buying the girl whatever she wanted since she was old enough to point to something. Second, I am not going to waste my money bringing her things to wear home because she won't wear it if she doesn't like it, it will sit in her closet until I remember to go through her closet to find stuff! And for some reason, she and I don't like the same styles. I let her pick stuff out, we come to a happy medium, so she will wear it! UGH.'

** ok I'm back**

So I found these:

Wish me luck, we have to agree on something this weekend! Can anybody recommend another store with modest shoes for a 13 year old? Nothing too fancy!
Yours Truly,


YUMMommy said...

WalMart, Target, The Limited Too, Payless, Rack Room Shoes, Shoe Carnival just to name a few. And most of these stores have a different selection and more sales prices in the store than online.

ppreacherswife said...

Popped in from the Alexa blog hop! http://pantylesspreacherswife.wordpress.com

Sadi said...

Thanks YUMMommy!!!! We did look in Rack Room Shoes but she didn't like anything there! We found them in Macy's - CLEARANCE!!! YAY!!!

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