Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nice 'Just Because' gift!

The Re-Gifting Inspiration

My inspiration for starting the business of gifting came from the heart.  In 2002, as a single mother, I moved across country to start a new life where I would be able to take care of my daughter.  I wanted a better life for us.  Christmas 2002, I was invited by some local relatives to join them for their Christmas party.  It would be the first Christmas for me and my daughter in this new life.  I got every person there a present!  The party was awesome, and when it was time to open gifts, my daughter and I just sat there.  No one bought us anything, not even a card.  I wasn't really worried about me, but my daughter was young and she was sad that she had not received anything from our 'family', and all the other kids were happily opening their gifts.  It was an awkward, hurtful night seeing my daughter so upset.  I vowed from then on, to always provide my child with everything she wanted, and if no one else considered her on Christmas- it wouldn't matter.  So, Christmas 2003 comes along.  My tree is packed with gifts for my daughter.  A couple of my relatives came over, surprisingly, they bought gifts.  We exchanged our gifts.  Christmas Day,  I opened one of my gifts and it was a black purse.  The purse was not my style, but I was definitely grateful UNTIL, I opened it, and there was a card in there and crumbs which clearly indicated this was a re-gifted, unwanted present my relative wanted to rid herself of.  I was devastated.  I mean really!!  I should have been grateful for the previous year!  No gift is more honest than a re-gift.  I decided on that day that it was/is REALLY important to give heartfelt gifts - or give no gift at all.  This is why I started Baskets By Sadi.  Gifts matter! Find out what a person likes, wants, needs.  It takes no time to ask a loved one, what their favorite color is.  Don't wait until the last minute to buy a gift, spend time if you can to find the perfect gift - and if you do not have time, let us create it for you!

First day!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first day on the blog coming to an end! See yall tomorrow!!
We welcome Amazon!!  Gift giving is something that should bring happiness to our hearts.  Tip #1- when giving a gift, start actively thinking about it, maybe 3 or 4 weeks before you plan to give it.  This way you have time to think about what the recipient would appreciate OR you can begin to listen out for things the person wants or needs!

Hello World!

Baskets By Sadi is doing business different in 2011.  We are marketing through different means!  Welcome to our new blog, hope you enjoy!
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