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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello out there!

Well, I haven't written in a long time. I have been battling with what I want to write about. I've been scared to write about certain issues because I never want to make anyone angry or be offensive, or disgrace my family, church family or friends. But things happen and things are happening right? So why not just write? I realized my first huge mistake: I was so impressed and inspired by my sister's blogging and blogging network - that I jumped on her bandwagon - www.onlylaila.com (please visit her page, she's dynamic). What I did not do was research my OWN commonalities. My sister is in a difference space and place in time. She is a decade younger than me, with a much younger child! Hence, all of her followers, bloggy groups etc. were in the same place and space. They have young children, booties, diapers, play dates and cute trips to the zoo are what they blog about. I started following these women - and didn't have much in common. My daughter is going through puberty! Second mistake, I was/am always afraid to offend someone else. Why? Nobody is afraid to offend me, in the public blogging arena, that is... So in order for me to be successful at this, I have to change some things!

Baskets by Sadi used to be an actual gift basket business I did for years. It fell to the wayside because I didn't push enough to keep it going. I had the resources, I just didn't do it. But baskets still remain. I have several of them, the life in general basket, family basket, friend basket, church basket, marriage basket etc. So I am thinking I will keep the name. So in yet another attempt to redo my mo (modus operandi) here I go.

Let me reintroduce myself.

1. I'm 40 ish
2. I'm a mother to a 15 year old (whew). I could stop right here, it's enough right???
3. Wife - in an interracial marriage to an Italian.
4. I love God, I am Christian. Grew up Muslim though. Took me a while to get where I am.
5. I work full time as a Chemist, but always hustling on the side!
6. I dislike my job very much. Not sure if it's the job or the people....
7. Been through a LOT of things growing up, seen a lot, been a lot places, know a lot of people.
8. I fully understand that I do not know everything. However, I know a lot about a lot....
9. When I am stressed I eat, so the chic up there in that fancy banner sitting on the table with the basket.... yeah give her about 10 more pounds!
10.I love to travel, to the point where I get upset if I have to stay local for too long.
11. Most of my life, I have had to be serious about a lot of stuff, so I will not continue to feel bad about wanting to talk about frivolous things.
12. I like sarcasm in all things.
13. I decided that my blog will be about what's in my basket: my mind, my experience, my topic of conversation, whatever.

I can't be afraid to be me. So here I go! You with me?

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