Raven's Nation 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ravens Nation Baby! My team ROCKS!! So here we go:

The Ravens start off with a bang! In the second quarter, Jacoby Jones is killing them with his 50-yard touchdown catch, and then coming right back in the third quarter with 108 yard kickoff return. The score was 28-6 Ravens. Then.....the killer, San Fran gets 17 unanswered points immediately following a 30+ minute BLACKOUT. Thanks New Orleans. Somebody HAD to lose their job over that.

I really felt like, the black out caused the Ravens to lose that rhythm, and the 49er's took complete advantage of that, which they should have - it's football. But at this point my nerves were really shot. We lost Haloti Ngata to a knee injury.

BUT the end......
Ed Reed stopped the 2 point conversion with a blitz on Colin Kaepernick at the 5 yard line and got a goal line stand. What a great way for Ray Lewis to retire!!!!!

And my BOY- Joe Flacco - MVP!!! WAY TO GO!

Just wanted to say GO RAVENS 34-31 !!!!!! Enjoy!

The Animal Kingdom - Fabulous Find!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hey hey hey!
Let's talk animal prints...

Now, in the past I have not been a fan of busy prints all over me. And it never occurred to me, that a print can bring a bit of flavor to a mundane decor. I saw a picture of a couple of printed decor pieces and I fell in LOVE!! Although you probably will not catch me in a leopard print (I'm working on it), you might find a print or two in my house!

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