Extra Terrestrial? Nope, just PRE-TEEN.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pre-Teen Chronicles Journal Entry #1

I had been warned about the aliens that come down looking for 12 and 13 year olds. I laughed at my friends in the past. I am not laughing anymore! They have come for my 12 year old. I think they are trying to take the puppy too! I keep screaming, "Don't look into the light!" But she can't hear me because E.T. is talking too- I guess! What happened to the cutest little girl?

There used to be a time when:

My opinion was gold
I knew everything
She wanted me to come up to her school
She wanted to dress like me
She was excited to have homework
She was anticipating helping mommy with the dishes
She ate whatever I cooked
She wanted to sit up under me all the time!

Where did she go?


I don't know anything- her friends know more than me
If I come up to her school, she doesn't want to be seen anywhere near me
My sense of clothing style appalls her
I have to force her to do her homework every night, and if I forget she forgets (yeah right)
She does not remember from day to day her daily dish washing chores
She hates everything I cook
If I come into the living room she goes to her room - where I think the aliens are!

So you know what I am going to do? I am going get on it! Many people think that once the kid is potty trained, it gets easier. Nope, now I gotta fight aliens! Learning her as she grows and becomes a young adult is going to be a challenge! What is my life going to transform into being the mom of a pre-teen? Anybody else out there with a pre-teen? What are some of your experiences?

Yours truly,

Thanking Mrs. Jones

Before I get started on this wonderful new adventure blogging in a different direction, I wanted to thank Visual Luxe Graphic Design- By BeingMrsJones.com. This company is wonderful to work with, the graphic designs are very creative and Mrs. Jones is very pleasant and professional. If you are looking for a blog designer please check her out! She also does business card design!! Go to www.beingmrsjones.com. Thank you!

Yours truly,

We have a new look!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I decided that Baskets By Sadi needed a new look and a new direction! I was inspired by my sister www.mamalocs.blogspot.com. Her posts touch my heart because they are wonderful personal experiences! I realized that I need to blog about things that can help people, make others aware or inspire others! So now, on this page we will talk about more than just....baskets!

Yours Truly,

Fabulous Find!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This will be short and sweet. I received an advertisement in the mail from Hallmark! I thought this was a fabulous find for those looking for something for their Grandmother or Mom. My Mom loves pictures of everybody - especially the grandkids! Check it out!

I forgot to make a basket for me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Me, my family and friends are on this wonderful vacation in the Outer Banks of NC. Can someone please tell me WHY I have been to the store a million times? I can come up with the perfect gift basket for anyone else - thinking of everything, but when it comes to me - my brain goes clear. Thus far I have had to purchase:
Puppy Wipes
Cotton Balls
Nail Polish
Wash Cloths
microSD memory card for the camera
Puppy treats
and just a host of other items!!!
A friend of mine always makes a list of what she needs to pack weeks before it's time for her departure. I used to think that was crazy, now I am wishing I did the same thing!! We are having a good time despite my forgetfulness! Will keep you guys posted. Remember, make a list and check it twice!

Helllooooo World!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

We have been busy! Bailee has been keeping us busy! She is growing fast. She did good at the vet, and is surprisingly almost really well behaved!

Easter is coming so we had many baskets to make! And the babies are coming too! Spring can be a busy basket making season!

Also, GREAT news, Baskets By Sadi is getting MAKE OVER!! The blog will have a fresh new look, coming soon. Found an awesome company - VISUAL LUXE GRAPHIC DESIGN for BeingMrsJones.com!! Check it out, the work is awesome!!

Stay tuned.....

and then there was ......Bailee

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ok so, in the house of Baskets, what was my pre-teen thinking when she said, Mommy, I want a puppy."

She had been begging us for months, almost a year. Finally, I gave in. What was I thinking?? So, we got Bailee! After a week of coming up with a name and a proper spelling ( my daughter wanted to spell it Baelie), we agreed on Bailee. So, here she is!

Before her arrival, of course we lost our minds buying cute pink toys, Blue dog food (bluebuffalo.com), beds, carriers, dog bowls etc.! You guys have to see the bowls:

I grew up with dogs - but they were English Mastiffs, so the care is totally different! Bailee is an arm dog. Can we say, no clue? So anyway, we got her this funky pad,

...and some really cool toys...

But she would rather play with my......

...and my....

.... and she prefers to sleep on my....

and there we have it. Bailee our newest edition. Mommy is tired... But, a puppy is a wonderful gift if you are up to it!!!
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