Good Deeds at Little Cost!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello people,

This post piggybacks off of my previous post about paying it forward. I just wanted to share a few more things we can do to make someone else's day! I wanted see, what things I could come up with that did not cost me much or anything at all. I came up with:

1. Pray for someone else.

2. Next time you are in the market and you have a cart FULL, and the person behind
you only has one or two things, let them in front of you!

3. If you have extra time left on your paid parking slip, and you are leaving, if you see another car pull up- give your extra time to them if you don't need it. I did this a few weeks ago and the couple looked shocked, but thanked me!

4. You threw a party, but not every one showed up. The next time you see those friends, give them the party favor they would have received. That way, they feel good, and you don't have a bunch of party favors around the house and nothing to do with them!

5. Offer to help an elderly person with getting the groceries to the car.

6. Instead of donating clothes to Goodwill, donate them to a homeless shelter. If you can get your friends and family to donate, the more, the merrier!!!

I think these may be great ways to make someone's day!! What about you? Please shoot me more ideas!!!

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