My Halloween Costume- Fabulous find!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello people,

My favorite time of year is coming. I love fall and winter holidays! Starting off with Halloween. Now, I am not promoting the worship, belief or remote support of ghosts, ghouls, bad spirits and the like. What I do like, is to dress up and have a complete BLAST. I love the make-up part and the creativity of costumes! Last year, my daughter was the prettiest witch on the block! I'll have to find that photo...

Anyway, this year I was reading through a magazine and saw a costume that was awesome!! I had never even thought of this - but it is creative and inexpensive!!! POPCORN!!!

OMG! How dang cute!! So here we go:


card board box
red and white striped wrapping paper
packing peanuts (white or yellow)
spray paint or acrylic paint (yellow)
white, red or yellow tee-shirt


Take the cardboard box and cut off the top were you want your head to be; on the bottom, cut holes for your legs but not to big because we are going to put the peanuts in the box. Cut holes for you arms too ( on the side). After you have got the box ready for you to get in, wrap the box red and white stripes. Then make a sign that says popcorn, and glue the sign to the box.

Put on your white or yellow tee shirt, and step into your popcorn box, have someone fill the box with the peanuts so they look like popcorn, and go trick-or-treating. If you have yellow packing peanuts, you don't need butter (yellow paint). If you cannot find yellow packing peanuts, use the spray paint or acrylic paint to add butter! This is a great idea that can be from the ages 10-12 or 35-40 (lol).

Yours Truly,

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