Fabulous Find!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This morning before I walked the puppy, I read a blog that I follow - The Martini Chronicles - By The Professional Diva. Her blog this morning was about random acts of kindness. She was in the nail salon and a patron in the salon could not afford a manicure and pedicure. She decided to just get the manicure. Another patron handed the salon technician the money for the lady to get both her hands and feet serviced - and walked out the door stating that she knows how important it is for a woman to have a pedicure. I was excited by this story because I believe in random acts of kindness. Being kind to others makes them feel good and you feel good about yourself. Personally, I feel like God is proud of me when I am kind to strangers.

Now this morning, I am walking the puppy - and she allows a good workout because I have to chase her while she's chasing butterflies! Usually when I am walking, I see others out walking or jogging. I love it when I see the older couple getting their walk in. When I see a person kinda struggling or slowing down, I yell 'Looking Good!' They will perk right up, smile and say, 'Thank You!'. When I see someone in a nice outfit or shoes or purse - I am quick to give a compliment - 'Nice Shoes girl!'

Yesterday, I saw a young woman sitting on her steps very pregnant. She looked like she was tired and ready to drop that baby at any second. I stopped and started a conversation. I think I startled her because I started to conversation like I knew her already! I said, 'Girl - where you going? That belly looks like its ready!' She instantly smiled. I told her she looked so pretty and she started talking about her due date. I congratulated her and kept on about my business. I definitely turned that frown into a smile - at least momentarily. So my fabulous find this week thanks to The Martini Chronicles are - Random Acts of Kindness. It's free, and will put a smile on another person's spirit

Yours Truly,

Beautiful People!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love this song on CB's new CD. I listen to it on my way to work and start hopping in my seat. Many people drink coffee to wake them up, I drink music! This morning, I was listening to 'Beautiful People'. The lyrics are so uplifting and it's my caffeine for the day- keeps me going! Listen to the words! And it's so true, when I am out and about I always see people looking good doing their thing. Beautiful moms, dads, kids! This song is better than coffee ANY DAY!!
My favorite line is:
"It's your life, it's your life. Got to play it right"

Check out the lyrics!

Yours Truly,

I bring you BEDDING!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cozy, fluffy, and yummy! I don't know about you, but I love a wonderfully decorated bed and bedroom. Just imagine how great it feels when you're on vacation and you get to sink into those nice crisp sheets, fluffy pillows and soft comforter. The room is decorated so nicely - you just love it - right?! Well why not bring that idea home? I love fluffy comforters, and big pillows and decorative pillows. Summer is coming and I am daydreaming one of those great days, spent with the people you love, good weather, good food and water ice! After a great day, take a long shower and go into your dreamy bedroom and sink into a dreamy bed by yourself or with your mate! HEAVEN. Let's check some out...

I'm sleepy! Let's go work on recreating those bedrooms! And leave the television in the living room!!
Yours truly,

Everything Comes Back Around

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chronicles of a Pre-Teen #2

I always tell my daughter, nothing is new under the sun. She never believes me! So, her new fashion must have is the Shell Top Adidas, now called Shell Heads. I have been in five different stores looking for the exact color she wanted. So at the fifth store, I was thinking to myself, if we can't find them here, she is out of luck. Behold, they had the hot pink. She was so excited, she wanted to wear them out of the store. This girl was excited until I told her that I wore the exact sneaker in the 9th grade. My sneakers were white with the black stripes. She just cannot imagine that her Mom was ever 'cool' enough to have a similar taste! Hilarious. So I had to break out the old RUN DMC videos on you tube!! I keep trying to tell her, everything comes back around - there is nothing new under the sun!!

Run DMC Circa 1988

Yours Truly,

The 'X' Factor

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So, I have a problem with an 'X'. I out grew this particular piece of furniture that I thought was marvelous when I first laid eyes on it. The 'X' carried many of my great memories. I dressed those memories in fancy designer enclosures. Well now that I have out grown this what now seems abstract, what to do with it? I decided to have a memory wall, so I am going to put all those wonderful memories and enclosures up in a wonderful frame collage. Does anybody have ideas for the 'X' ? Should I leave it empty? Help!!

Yours Truly,

Fabulous Find - Frame Frenzy!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I have a fetish for scrapbooking, pictures and funky frames! Growing up, my mother did not take many pictures of us, and I would have loved to see what I looked like at different stages. Unfortunately, my daughter has to catch the brunt of her mom taking a million pictures to see her at least every week of her life!

I am in the mood for some new frames to enclose the photos of our 2011 Spring Break Vacation pics, and I did not find what I was originally looking for - but look what I did find at Zgallerie and Crate n Barrel. Nice idea for Mother's Day too!

Yours Truly,

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