Special Moments of 2012

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I don't know about you guys, but 2012 went quick for me. I actually did a lot of stuff. I did not realize how much I did until I looked over my pics. Soooo, I decided to take a look at my 2012 in pictures. I wanna share special moments for me and my fam last year!

January 2012

I threw my best friend and Soror a surprise 40th birthday party!!! OMG! It was a blast...

...And I threw Alice a surprise 60th birthday party!!

March 2012
I GRADUATED!!!! YAAAYYY! I officially received my Master's in Business Administration! Whoop Whoop!!

Then I hit a notch on my bucket list- KEY WEST! It was beautiful...

April 2012


May 2012
We bought a zoo, I mean a house!

June 2012

My baby graduated from middle school and my baby sister (who I had not seen in years) was with us to see it all!!!

My very first Lia Sophia Conference. This was absolutely amazing!!! And I got to be on the red carpet!!!

July 2012

OMG! I turned the big 40! I didn't do a damn thing this day because it was 106 degrees outside, so no pics :(. But!!! I bought this mirror... It's my FAVORITE!!! Btw, I will be celebrating my 40th this year!!!

October 2012
I actually had a costume for Halloween...

November 2012

I saw my daughter dance onstage for the first time! And we got to drive to Chicago to see my parents!!!! We had a ball during the drive. I missed them so much!!

December 2012

Made my first diaper cake!

2013 - Let's make it even better!!! My awesome Pastor Gary G. Johnson Sr. said, "You can only win when you refuse to lose." YES INDEED! Here I come....

Yours Truly,


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