Everything Comes Back Around

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chronicles of a Pre-Teen #2

I always tell my daughter, nothing is new under the sun. She never believes me! So, her new fashion must have is the Shell Top Adidas, now called Shell Heads. I have been in five different stores looking for the exact color she wanted. So at the fifth store, I was thinking to myself, if we can't find them here, she is out of luck. Behold, they had the hot pink. She was so excited, she wanted to wear them out of the store. This girl was excited until I told her that I wore the exact sneaker in the 9th grade. My sneakers were white with the black stripes. She just cannot imagine that her Mom was ever 'cool' enough to have a similar taste! Hilarious. So I had to break out the old RUN DMC videos on you tube!! I keep trying to tell her, everything comes back around - there is nothing new under the sun!!

Run DMC Circa 1988

Yours Truly,


YUMMommy said...

Trends are always coming in and out of style. Addias is just a classic brand and their Shell Tops are forever going to be in style no matter what they rename them.

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