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Friday, April 15, 2011

We have been busy! Bailee has been keeping us busy! She is growing fast. She did good at the vet, and is surprisingly almost really well behaved!

Easter is coming so we had many baskets to make! And the babies are coming too! Spring can be a busy basket making season!

Also, GREAT news, Baskets By Sadi is getting MAKE OVER!! The blog will have a fresh new look, coming soon. Found an awesome company - VISUAL LUXE GRAPHIC DESIGN for BeingMrsJones.com!! Check it out, the work is awesome!!

Stay tuned.....


YUMMommy said...

Cute baskets!!


pretty baskets, I am following you from SIT club, pls visit my blog www.burundanguitas.blogspot.com and become my follower. rgds, dalys

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