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Monday, March 21, 2011

My husband loves Howard Stern.  He always mentions this show and how it makes him laugh.  Following this statement comes...'I wish I had satellite radio in my car'..... So today, we traded cars because he has to fix one of my tires, and I am heading over to Best Buy to get his Sirius radio installed!  This is a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to listen to music other than what is playing on the radio.  My parents swear by it, because they love to listen to the oldies, and talk radio!  No commercials, and they say they are in heaven.  So, hopefully my husband will love this gift!  Best Buy's Geek Squad will install.

Check them out! Howard Stern, here we come!  So what station do you listen to on your Sirius radio?


Sadi said...

He is going to be so surprised!

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